Breighntrue Resident

This resident is rated UGLY. The “Ugly” Rating is applied towards users who have shown repeated or egregious acts of fraud, deceit, theft, trolling, griefing, spamming, and/or other unfavorable behavior which violates the Second Life™ Terms of Service, Community Standards, or otherwise destroys the standards of ethics and fair dealings on the Second Life™ grid. The “Ugly” users are red flags to the user community of Second Life™ and should be avoided at all costs.

Type of Action: Complaint – I am issuing a Complaint against a user in Second Life™.
Complainant Avatar First Name: Josef
Complainant Avatar Last Name: Munster
Respondent Avatar First Name: breighntrue
Respondent Avatar Last Name: resident
Alternate Respondent Avatar Name(s): braydenmadison80
Subject(s) of the Complaint: Disturbing the Peace
—-: Trolling
—-: Theft
—-: Fraud
Summary of Subject(s) of the Complaint:

ENTER SUBJECT – Disturbing the peace, and trolling. On or about January 30, 2020 in the evening at the Omega fraternity initiation in the woodcrest university sim, True at my sim, had contacted Abbie president of the omega fraternity resulting in my being banned and ejected from each woodcrest university affiliated group and the woodcrest university sin. She had held out to abbie that I was making a threat against her life for the purpose to have me ejected and banned. she later said she knew I said I was going to have a social service agency to come outh to do a wellness check on her but considers that a threat on her life.


Theft and Fraud. From about 3 months ago to February 2, 2020 True had engaged in deceit, misrepresentation resulting in theft and fraud of $5,000.00 L$ to obtain it from me, including $650 paid to a clnic . in the past 4 days she engaged in conduct that was designed to intentionally provoke and antagonize me, including having me ejected and banned by holding out a welllness check by a welfare agency was my making a threat against her life. She had also in im had identified as a gift that she had spent about $15 usd in the second life marketplace, that she had managed to steal the gift from me.

Location List: Woodcrest University, Emerate of Salmiya, Dubai Dreams, and blossoms clinic sims; and the second life market place
Supporting Documentation: im history transactions made by true abd her alt Brayden to me and second life marketplace purchase history by me and true and her alt.
I have good faith belief that the acts and incidents described above and contained on the service is not authorized by the Second Life™ Terms of Service, Community Standards, or by protection of law. I swear, under penalty of perjury, that the information submitted in the Complaint is accurate and that I am the complaining party or am authorized to act on behalf of the complaining party at their written direction.:
Digital Signature: Josef Munster
Date: 02/01/2020