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Monday Beam, Esq. is a real world licensed Metaverse attorney. Novel questions of law are beginning to surface in connection with online simulations like Second Life, and experts say that even areas like centuries-old property law will have to adapt to the emergence of virtual realities.

Diligent Intellectual Property Representation

Handling all elements of intellectual property law and related issues for inworld content creators, vendors, and business owners since 2007, our office offers legal drafting, consultation, and litigation services to protect against content infringement, as well as defend against fraudulent or frivolous IP claims.

Copyright Infringement Representation

Protecting your creative content within a virtual environment can be a daunting and overwhelming experience for many builders, scripters, and other inworld developers. Our office provides legal services designed to protect your inworld creative content from theft, and that any infringing content is diligently prosecuted under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Scammed? Call the COPS™.

Have you been treated unfairly by a business in Second Life™, had your land revoked without a just cause, or simply been scammed by a user on the grid? The Community Office of Professional Standards (COPS™) is your solution.

It All Started with Lindens

Lindens represent a license to use a virtual currency, and Second Life™ was the grand innovator of this idea. It has forged the path for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and has paved the way for the new Internet of Money. Bitcoin.

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Intellectual Property, Copyright, Patent, & Trademark Law

Protecting your creative digital content is of utmost importance. Content thieves, griefers, and other inworld trolls frequently take advantage of their purported anonymity in order to harass, annoy, and otherwise diminish the viability of your brand. Our office provides a wide array of solutions including Copyright, Patent, and Trademark registrations, Cease and Desist and DMCA Takedown notices, and personalized Terms of Service and EULAs.

Legal Drafting, Consulting, & Licensing Agreements

Our comprehensive consultation, legal drafting, and licensing agreements are designed to allow you to effectuate your business objectives by creating legal agreements which can be fully executed inworld, yet which carry the legal weight and force of real life courts. Consultation retainers range from simple low-cost periodic chat consultations, to more frequent voice consultations as necessary, in order to address inworld issues as they arise.

Aggressive Civil Litigation, Mitigation, and Arbitration

Monday Beam is currently a member of the Illinois State Bar, as well as the United States Federal Trial Bar, concentrating on both criminal and civil litigation. Our inworld practice frequently handles disputes arising from Intellectual Property claims, as well as those involving purported fraud, defamation, libel, slander, and other civil and criminal allegations. Arbitration and mitigation are the preferred methods of dispute resolution.